STCC Objectives

The Articles of Incorporation – Consitution and By Laws of the Sanatan Temple and Cultural Center of South Carolina declare the following objectives:
  • To Provide facilities for religious, spiritual and cultural activities to understand and enhance the knowledge of Indian philosophy and scriptures consistent with the traditional, ethical and moral standards of a place of worship.

  • To strengthen the moral, physical and cultural well being of the community

  • To promote friendship and goodwill among all people through spiritual and cultural understanding based on Truth, Love, Justice and Harmony.

  • To promote charitable, educational, religious and humanitarian activties

  • To organize sunday school,summer camps, seminars and other activities for enhancement of the spiritual, cultural and moral understanding of themembers of the community and especially for the children.

About Sanatana Dharma

Sanatan Dharma means eternal religion.

Sanatan Dharma, commonly known as the Hindu faith, is unique in several respects. The Hindu faith does not take its origin in the life or teaching or spiritual experiences of any one individual. Rather, it is based on certain universal, eternal values and ideals that are timeless.

By the very nature of the principles inherent to the Sanatan Dharma a number of sects and cults, allied to one another, yet having many differences can still be seen as a part of it. It is a fellowship of faiths, a federation of philosophies. It accommodates all types of people and it can provide spiritual food for the growth and evolution of every soul. It is a whole and complete view of life and is a "way of life". It is characterized by high spiritual purpose and humanity.

The followers of Sanatan Dharma believe in the freedom to practice individual faith, and are strong proponents of the philosophy "the goal is one, but the paths are many".

STCC Management

Board of Trustees

Pruthvi Katikaneni (Chair)

Sanjay Patel (Vice Chair)

Shashidhar Pai (Secretary)

Anil Patel

Peyush Dwivedi

Deepa Varma

Sunil Patel

Rajiv Gupta

Shyam Yellapragada

Executive Committee Officers (2018 - 2019)

Randhir Makkar (President)

Mukesh Kumar (Vice President)

Ashok Prabhu (EC Secretary)

Mahesh Bansod (Treasurer)

Amala Reddy

Bhavna Patel

Rupal Kotecha

Rilesh Mohan

Harshad Mytri